The former foreign minister on the Renaissance Dam file: the clash is inevitable (video)


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Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on the “Friday in Egypt” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, about a file AlNahda dam He is deeply concerned about the state of affairs and relations between the three countries, not because the water is insufficient, but because there is room to provide all Ethiopia’s development needs, and there is also room for organizing and controlling the passage of water through Sudan, through a dam or dams, and there is Also, there is room to provide the required amount of water for Egypt with the increase in its population.
He continued, “The problem is that negotiation remained at the expense of imposing an opinion on another, and the Ethiopian position reflects the establishment of a very dangerous position, which is that one country decides the fate of the passage of river waters across the borders of other countries, which is a very dangerous thing. If this principle is accepted, it will also be applied in other cases.” , and then creates an inevitable clash, and this means that the matter is dangerous as the danger is the Ethiopian endeavor to have the sovereign decision that dominates the Sudanese and Egyptian opinion, with regard to water management, because water is not an optional process but an existential process, and there are statements to build other dams, and inevitably Attempting to impose a state’s decision on others will lead to a clash.

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