The groom reveals the reason for wearing the clothes of the sanitary isolation kits in his wedding


10:26 AM

Friday 11 June 2021

Qena – Abdul Rahman Al-Qurashi:

A number of social media pioneers circulated pictures of a wedding ceremony in the village of El-Gabalaw, affiliated to the Qena Center, during which some of the pilgrims wore the clothes of medical staff inside the isolation hospitals.

Pictures circulated by Facebook pioneers showed a number of mourners wearing isolation clothes for medical staff in isolation hospitals when dealing with people infected with the emerging corona virus, in a message from them to support the White Army.

And the nurse, Muhammad Abbas, 25, a nurse at Al-Sadr Hospital in Qena, revealed, in a publication, the details of the attendance of a number of his colleagues in isolation clothes for his wedding ceremony, which was held a few days ago, explaining that his friends agreed among themselves to attend in isolation clothes for his wedding to send a message of support to members of the White Army. From doctors and nurses in their war against the emerging corona virus.

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