“The Holy Temptation” .. An Egyptian-Canadian movie, filming begins on July 1


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Next July, Canadian-Egyptian director Mina Suleiman will start shooting a short fiction film called “Holy Temptation,” based on the story “War on Mary” by Robert Al Fares.

The film starring Sana Samir, Medhat Morris, and revolves around the philosophy of beauty and the meaning of the damama through a struggle between two women for the love of a young man nominated for ordination as a priest, and Mina is currently choosing the locations for filming.

The film is scheduled to participate in a number of international festivals.

Director Mina Suleiman won the 2017 Toronto Short Film Festival award for Best Film, and for his movie Her Dream, he won the Best Screenplay award at the North Hollywood Festival, and his first feature film, Neurovenge, is a science fiction movie, which will be released on the market in November 2021. .


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