The horror movie A Quiet Place Part II has earned $93 million worldwide


The movie’s revenue has arrived A Quiet Place Part II to me 93 million 122 A thousand dollars, since it was shown in theaters on May 28, and revenue was divided between 69 One million and 110 thousand dollars in the United States of America, and 24 million and 11 thousand dollars in theaters around the world.

The work also achieved 48 million and 385 in the opening presentation of the film in 3726 theaters around the world. A Quiet Place Part II produced by Paramount Pictures.

The movie has been rescheduled A Quiet Place Part IISeveral times as cinemas across the country have been severely affected by the epidemic, this time the new date is moving up from the scheduled time..

The film was scheduled to be shown last March, and soon the pandemic spread around the world, to announce the closure of cinemas and cinemas, to be transferred to April 23, and soon it appeared that it would be at the height of the second wave of the virus to be transferred to next September, and finally return Until next May

A Quiet Place It is a horror film that is a continuation of the success of its first part, which took place on a quiet farm inhabited by a small family, but is exposed to great horror after the attack of ghosts and frightening creatures on them, and Emily Blunt embodies the role of the mother, while the work director John Krasinski and the participant in the film plays the role of her husband.


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