The investigation into preventing a student from entering the toilet in the Red Sea.. She fulfilled her needs within the committee


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The Directorate of Education in the “Red Sea” started an investigation into the incident of preventing an observer from the Preparatory Certificate Examination Committee in Hurghada, requesting to go to the bathroom while taking the exam.

The supervision of the committee of the “Saad Zagloul” Preparatory School for Girls in Hurghada prevented one of the students from going to the bathroom, while taking the algebra exam, on Wednesday. However, she insisted on her position, and the student could not hold together for long, until she was surprised to relieve herself while sitting inside the committee, due to her health conditions.

The student’s guardian confirmed that the committee’s monitoring was not satisfied with preventing his daughter from going to the bathroom, despite her repeated pleas to her, but she stipulated that his daughter hand over the answer sheet first, despite not having finished answering the exam questions, as it was not half the time, and after his daughter was surprised to spend When she needed her inside the committee, she found nothing but handing over the answer sheet and leaving the committee.

And education officials demanded the opening of an extensive investigation with the probation and the head of the monitoring committee, for the psychological harm that had befallen his daughter, and caused her embarrassment in front of her colleagues.

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