The Ismaili doctor explains the fact that Abdel Rahman Magdy has cirrhosis


The doctor of the Ismaili club, Hisham Mustafa, revealed the truth about what was reported about the injury of the player of his team and the Olympic team, Abdel Rahman Magdy, with muscle fibrosis.

And the Ismaili doctor indicated, through a brief official statement issued by his club today, Saturday, that what was reported about the injury of his team player, Abdel Rahman Magdy, with fibrosis of the muscle is incorrect.

The Ismaili club doctor concluded his statements by emphasizing that the circulating news is not based on any evidence or official statement regarding Abdel Rahman Magdy’s injury.

And press reports, through a medical source in the Ismaili Club, reported that Abdel Rahman Magdy had partial fibrosis of the front muscle.


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