The judiciary decides the fate of Maradonas property today and divides it among the heirs..Details


The Argentine judge, Susana Tedesco del Rivero, decided after her meeting today, Monday, with some lawyers for the family members of the football star, Diego Armando Maradona, and decided the fate of the money and property of the golden boy.

The Argentine newspaper, Telam, indicated that this will be done through an auction in which all his property will be sold and the proceeds will be divided among the heirs, and the auction will include two model cars. BMW A house in Villa Devoto, an apartment in Mar del Plata, a container with things Maradona owned in Dubai, such as musical instruments, T-shirts, balls, watches, socks, prizes and a letter sent to him by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the proceeds will be divided among the recognized children: Dalma, Giannina, Diego Junior, Diego Fernando and Gana .

Judicial sources said that in addition to the money in bank accounts, Maradona owns real estate and valuables.

The sources said that it is not yet clear whether Magali Gill, Santiago Lara and Eugenia Laprovittola are also Maradonas children, and therefore they are not included in the list of heirs.

According to a report by the newspaper “La Capital”, Maradonas property has debts amounting to 100,000 pesos, and electricity and gas services have been cut off due to non-payment.

The Mar del Plata newspaper reported that the last year the rate of lighting, sweeping and cleaning was paid in Armenia was 2011, and therefore the debt amounts to 80,523.10 pesos.

The same did not happen with OR, whose last bill was paid in 2018: In this case, the default is 11,323 pesos, and if you add the percentage of months already elapsed in 2021, the total will be 13,344.80 pesos. His debts on the water are 59 thousand pesos.

Maradonas relatives began to dispute the inheritance of his fortune of 37 million pounds, 15 days after his death, with at least 16 individuals vying for the estate, given that the late legend did not leave a will.


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