“The Lord” .. Sabri Fawaz flirts with Lordiana in a dance “On an original Egyptian music” (video)


The artist, Sabri Fawaz, posted on his account on the social networking site Facebook, a video of the dancer lordana. He praises her dancing, and sends her a message.

“Fawaz” commented on his account: “The Lord is dancing an original dance. On original Egyptian music.

Lurdiana appears in the video during a dance link to the melodies of oriental music from an Egyptian piece entitled “Aziza” by the late musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

The dancer wore a red dance suit inside one of the halls, while the audience encouraged her to perform.

Lourdiana posted the video on her Instagram account, commenting on it with “Happiness”.

A number of followers commented on the artist Sabri Fawaz’s post, and the account said, “Finally, a new person dances sweet.” Another commented: “I thought of Suhair Zaki before I opened.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Sabri Fawaz, an Egyptian actor, author and theater director, played the role of Baligh Hamdi in the Umm Kulthum series and the movie (Halim).

He also participated in many roles in Egyptian series, the most important of which are the Egyptian series The Will – The Family – A Woman from the Time of Love – Friends – Critical Moments – Satan’s Gardens – Dreamy Nights – The Western Land – The Question of Principle – A Woman of Fire – The Prey and the Hunter – The Masrawiya and the Seven Commandments.

And the films Mabrouk and Bulbul – and the days of Sadat – and the blood of the gazelle – and the gang of Dr. Omar – Dada Dodi – Dokan Shehata – Talk to me thank you – Al-Ahed

He directed many plays, the most important of which are Hanqoul Violin, Isis, Echo of Echoes, Layali Al-Hussainiya, Elly Khayef to Go, Rabbit Farm, Yassin and Bahia, Bride of the South, Al-Madad, Lil Ya Ain.

He composed and directed the Misedkol play from Hulaku, wrote the script and dialogue for the Baheya Stories series, and has multiple articles for some newspapers and periodicals published in Cairo.


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