The marketing value of Zamalek loses 41 million and 970 thousand pounds after the departure of Ferjani Sassi


Officially, Zamalek midfielder Ferjani Sassi’s relationship with the White Castle ended, after the Tunisian announced his departure from the white team through his personal account on Twitter, sending a farewell message to the white fans, saying: “With pride, I cherish the most important period in my life with the Zamalek club, and God knows that I have been saved. And his faithfulness to this entity inside and outside the stadium, and the great Zamalek fans remain the true supporter of me at all stations.. the good is what God chose..and soon I will clarify all the facts!!

Ferjani Sassi was considered the most expensive player in Zamalek club, and one of the most expensive players in the Egyptian League, with a marketing value of about 2 million and 200 thousand euros, equivalent to 41 million and 970 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the impact of his departure from the White Castle was clearly in the decline in the marketing value of Zamalek.

The marketing value of Zamalek club reached about 20 million euros, equivalent to 381 million and 570 thousand Egyptian pounds, in the presence of Ferjani Sassi, However, after his departure from the White Castle, Zamalek’s market value fell to 17 million and 800 thousand euros, equivalent to 339 million and 600 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Thus, Zamalek club falls in the list of the most expensive teams in the Egyptian League to rank third after Pyramids, whose marketing value amounted to 18 million and 500 thousand euros, while Al-Ahly club tops the list of the most expensive teams, with a value of 26 million and 450 thousand euros.

Ferjani Sassi has participated with Zamalek in 102 games since joining the White Castle, during which he scored 16 goals and made 17 other goals for his teammates.


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