The Medicines Authority resolves the controversy over the conflict of anesthesia drugs with the Corona vaccines


01:06 PM

Thursday 10 June 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The Egyptian Medicines Authority commented on the news circulating on some social media about the conflict between the use of some drugs and Corona virus vaccines, including the rumors that were circulated recently about the danger of using anesthetic drugs – including local anesthetics that are used in dental surgeries – with Corona virus vaccines. And that could lead to death.

The Egyptian Medicines Authority confirmed that this news was not true, and that by searching in the approved scientific sources, it was found that there is no scientific evidence that the use of anesthetics is incompatible with Corona virus vaccines.

In a statement today, the authority called on all citizens to consult health care providers from doctors and pharmacists to verify drug information before taking it.

She warned against getting carried away by rumors regarding dealing with medicines; Because of this negative impact on the proper use of medicines, and the consequent severe health damage, and appeals to them to refer to the official authorities.

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