The Minister of Culture inspects the new construction at the Academy of Arts


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The artist, Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, in the presence of Dr. Ashraf Zaki, President of the Academy of Arts, and his deputy, Dr. Ghada Gebara, visited the Dr. Fawzy Fahmy halls complex.

The institute includes 6 classrooms equipped with the latest technological technologies, and each hall bears the name of one of the symbols of Egypt among the pioneering playwrights, in addition to a seventh hall, which is a large studio equipped for students of the decoration department. I also inspected the bridge linking the two campuses of the Academy and its old and new buildings and a number of outlets that were built. Assigning it to the products of cultural industries and the Egyptian industrial project, which is currently being implemented, it has followed the progress of the construction work of the new Roman theater.

Abdel-Dayem said that the projects to develop and modernize the academy’s structure come to activate the state’s development goals “Egypt Vision 2030” related to building personalities who understand the importance of preserving the ancient cultural and civilizational heritage. Preserving the identity, and added that the Dr. Fawzy Fahmy complex is a rich addition to the academy’s construction structure, which is witnessing development and modernization at all levels, explaining that the release of the names of theatrical movement pioneers in the halls comes within the strategy of the Ministry of Culture to immortalize the icons of soft powers and in gratitude for their achievements.

Dr. Ashraf Zaki said that the Academy of Arts continues development operations at all educational and construction levels, as the works of the Roman theater, the new cinema institute, and the Library Street project will be completed on June 30, in addition to the inauguration of the hospital and student housing, and work is underway to prepare the places that have been designated as sales and display outlets. Workshops and industrial initiative products.

The Minister of Culture witnessed a documentary film on the executive stages of the Dr. Fawzi Fahmy halls complex project before and after the implementation of the works.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Fathi Abdel Wahab, Head of the Cultural Development Fund Sector, and Dr. Medhat Al-Kashef, Dean of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

The Dr. Fawzy Fahmy complex is located on an area of ​​1,350 square meters and includes three levels, and its halls bear the names of “Dr. Sana Shafi’, Dr. Karam Mutawe’, Dr. Kamal Yassin, Dr. Zakaria Suleiman, Dr. Hani Mutawa, Dr. Samira Mohsen”, in addition to a world-class studio dedicated to students The decoration department, in addition to a gymnasium that includes the latest sports equipment and equipment for students.

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