The movie “The Rapists”, the turning point… Stations in Laila Elwi’s life, “video”


The artist, Laila Elwi, presented a large number of films and series that left an imprint in the drama in Egypt, but what some do not know is that her desire was to join the Faculty of Engineering, but she sees herself lucky in art, especially since she planned for herself from a young age to work as an engineer, but the high school total forced her to Enrollment in the College of Commerce.

The artist, born to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother, began her artistic career at the age of 15 when she first appeared on the stage in the play Eight Sixes, directed by Jalal El Sharkawy.

She starred in many films, but she said during her meeting with Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “A Last Word” program that the film “The Rapists” was an important sign and a turning point in her artistic career, and it was a reason to hasten the issuance of a law punishing the perpetrator of the crime of rape with death.

The Egyptian movie star wishes to present a second part of the movie “Ya Donia Ya Grammy”, which achieved great success at the time of its presentation. Half does not want to present any movie and also does not like what is offered to her, but she liked the idea of ​​her last movie, Mama Pregnant, and she agreed to it as soon as it was offered to her because it is different and satisfies her desire for renewal.


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