The one who will stand in the shadows will die.. A battle between Hisham Ismail and the masses of the world


02:25 PM

Wednesday 09 June 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

The artist Hisham Ismail, famous for the character “Fazza”, was subjected to a severe attack by some artists and visitors to social networking sites after his recent statements, yesterday, regarding what can be described as a conspiracy against the Zamalek club, for the benefit of an unnamed club, but Al-Ahly fans considered that he meant the Red Castle. .

Hisham made several controversial statements, during a telephone interview with the “Fil Joul” program, presented by Ahmed Gamal, on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, which we present to you in the following lines:

– The goal of removing Mortada Mansour was not due to Mortada’s person and his behavior. Rather, there is a desire by some to bring the club into crises that make the football team flounder for at least two seasons so that the rival club can adjust its conditions and achieve some achievements and championships.

– Patrice Carteron was smuggled before the CAF Champions League final, and panic appeared in the video he collected with Mortada Mansour before his departure, and it seemed as if he had been threatened if he did not leave Zamalek immediately.

– He who will stand in a chivalrous manner will die … Bayern Munich’s plane has been delayed 9 hours”, in order for the players to arrive in a state of stress.

– Now a number of Esperance players have complained to the club in the Tunisian Football Federation, can this be considered a normal and coincidental thing?

– I am a fan of conspiracy theory, because it has been true since 1911, as evidenced by the transfer of the Zamalek club headquarters 4 times throughout its history, which has not happened with any club.

– Ferjani Sassi has the right to receive any contract value, even if 100 million pounds, what is the matter with others?

– Those who object to the renewal of Ferjani Sassi use the term “wear of wear.” I have never heard of the term “weak dress” other than with Zamalek club.

– Any influential player in Zamalek will be “disappeared” and what happens in the sports media is a “disgrace.” The Zamalek club is Egyptian and not from a hostile country.

– The other team wins championships as it likes, and if it encounters any difficulties, it “knows to take championships in other ways”, so what is the harm for Zamalek to remain stable, and the competitor obtains championships in his own way? Sibni live Aabih.

Ferjani Sassi did not abandon Zamalek and his fans, and he loves his relationship with them, and he will do his best to continue, but if he finds an inflexible negotiation style from the Zamalek administration, he will leave immediately.

Hisham was subjected to a great attack by Al-Ahly fans, through social networking sites, and some comments came: “It is Mortada’s school and this conspiracy theory, all of them drink it, preserve it, and have no other choice.”

Another person commented: “You are a smart actor and your blood is light.. But what you are saying is not wit or truth.. His name is Aak, you don’t understand in football what you talk about.”

The fans of Zamalek defended the artist Hisham Ismail via Twitter, and a fan wrote: “The artist Hisham Ismail, son of the club, appears in a time of distress, not a time of championship and celebration. The fans of the Zamalek club, I am afraid that he is attacking the state and its media, and I think for a moment that this could affect his job and his livelihood.”

Another person wrote: “The artist, Hisham Ismail, “Fazza” frightened the conspirators and stakeholders, he is not among people who say the truth and are not colored every day by Bush according to what is on the chair.”

On the other hand, Hisham Ismail participated in the series “Against Al Kasr” with Nelly Karim, Mohamed Farraj and Liqa Al-Khamisi, and the series “The Best Father” with Ali Rabie, Sami Maghawry and Hajar Ahmed.

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