The Public Prosecution announces the details of the investigations into the “train harasser” .. and orders the detention of the accused


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announced Public Prosecution Details of the investigations into the incidenttrain harasser“The Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Al-Bayan Department of the Attorney General’s Office had monitored a wide circulation of a video clip on social media, in which a person appears inside train car His hand extended to another body sleeping on his leg, and among the participants in those sites, the accused sexually assaulted the sleeping child.

In conjunction with the spread of the clip, the Public Prosecution received a complaint from the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, including a report submitted to the Child Helpline regarding the incident, specifying the date of its occurrence, the number of the train, its destination, and the governorate that the aggressor intended and the one in which he resides. The Public Prosecution initiated investigations.
If I asked the photographer of the circulating clip, he testified that on the 9th of this June, while he was taking a train from Giza station heading to Dayrut, he saw a passenger who had stopped a child – in the middle of his second decade of life – from street vendors and asked him about his details and his destination and asked him to sit at Next to him, and after a while he noticed the child placing his head between the passenger’s legs and the extension of the latter’s hand to his body from behind, so he became suspicious of what he saw and his suspicion prompted him to photograph them while he was pretending to sleep. The two mentioned and saw the passenger giving the child a sum of cash, then the passenger boarded the train again. The witness showed another passenger what he had photographed, and they followed the child’s aggressor until they noticed the station at which the train left, and then published the clip circulating on social media.

And when the police investigations were able to identify the person of the accused, and then arrested him and presented him to the Public Prosecution, so they questioned him about the accusation attributed to him, but he denied claiming that he was surprised by the one who appeared with him in the clip sleeping on his leg on the train, so he did not want to wake him up out of mercy. When the aforementioned woke up and left the train, he followed him and presented him with a sum of cash as a form of assistance. The accused admitted the authenticity of his image in the clip circulating on social media.
In view of the discrepancy between the two accounts, the Public Prosecution resumed investigations, assigning the General Department for Criminal Evidence Investigation to examine the circulating passage. The Public Prosecution” investigations by the “Criminal Investigation Department” of the General Administration of the Transport Police, and the investigations by the “Criminal Investigation Department” at the Sohag Security Directorate, resulted in the accused luring a boy, sexually harassing him, and committing an indecent act with him, namely touching a part of his body, and providing the boy with a cash sum in return He did it with him, and the Public Prosecution watched a video clip – a technical examination – that was extracted from the monitoring machines at the station from which the victim left the train, in which the accused walked next to him, took out something from his robes and gave it to him.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused for 4 days pending investigations and assigning the police to continue the search to determine the person of the victim. When the district judge was presented with an order to extend the accused’s detention, he issued his decision to extend the detention of the accused for 15 days pending investigations, and the rest of the investigation procedures are being resumed.

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