The Public Prosecution Authority authorizes the burial of the bodies of the two victims of “Palal” on the Beau Rivage Beach in Alexandria… and the detention of the beach contractor


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Counselor Ashraf al-Maghraby, the first attorney general of the Montazah Public Prosecution Office in Alexandria, announced on Sunday evening that the bodies of the two victims who drowned in a pedal drowned in sea water on Beau Rivage Beach, in the Miami region, east of Alexandria, due to overloading. The Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of the beach operator pending investigations by the detectives into the incident.

The investigations of the Public Prosecution, supervised by Counselor Omar Al-Rakaibi, Chief Prosecutor of Al-Montazah, revealed that the Montazah Police Department had received the first report from the Emergency Police Department stating that a water game (a pedal) had drowned on the (New Beau Rivage) beach, and the officers of the department and the forces of the Civil Protection Department (rescue) had moved. river) to the author’s website.

The examination revealed that a pedestal carrying 7 people drowned in the sea waters on the aforementioned beach, which resulted in the death of two people and the rescue of 5 others.

According to an eyewitness, he attributed the accident to overloading, noting that the pedal capacity does not exceed 4 people, but independent friends of the alternatives insisted on riding at once, which led to his drowning.

The necessary report was issued at the first Muntazah Police Department, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.

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