The Public Prosecution orders the detention of the perpetrator of the “Sohag massacre” for 4 days (details of the incident)


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Hatem al-Ahmar, the first prosecutor of the facility center in Sohag, headed by Mohamed Hosni, director of the Public Prosecution, ordered the detention of the worker accused of killing his father, mother, sister and her two sons and slaughtering them with a “cleaver” inside their home in the village of “Awlad Hamza” in the Osirat Center for 4 days pending ongoing investigations with the accused.

The Public Prosecution charged the accused in the investigations initiated by Counselor Wael Mohamed Ali Hassan, the attorney general for the Southern Prosecutions of Sohag, on charges of premeditated murder and possession of a white weapon (a cleaver).

Major General Dr. Hassan Mahmoud, Sohag Security Director, had received a notification from the Osirat police station’s warden, of a report that a young man had killed his family members while they were sleeping inside the house, so he moved to the location of the report, Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, director of criminal investigations, and the directorate’s investigation officers. George Salama, 27, a worker, killed his father, Salama Youssef, 70, and his mother, Amal Rashid Nashed, 55, a housewife, and the two sons of his little sister, Engy Mina, 5, and Bakir Mina, 6 months. His sister, Marina Salama, 27 years old, a housewife, had serious and sporadic injuries. She was transferred in a critical condition to Sohag University Hospital and breathed her last inside the hospital. Investigations indicated that the accused slaughtered the victims with a machete and did not escape, as he remained at the crime scene until he was arrested. It was also found that the aforementioned was mentally ill and unbalanced and had stopped treatment 6 months ago, and a report was issued regarding the incident, and the Public Prosecution was notified to take over the investigation.

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