The recipe for making delicious Cinnabon (cinnamon roll) in the style of Asian cuisine with the original recipe


Cinnabon is one of the most important and most famous types of pastries that have recently spread all over the world, which is characterized by a distinctive taste that is based on cinnamon mainly. Cinnamon is one of the basic ingredients for preparing Cinnabon, and there are a group of stores that sell Cinnabon alone and has many pioneers from all over the world. Whoops, but there are a large number of people who avoid buying it due to its high price for them, which leads us to present to you the original recipe for Cinnabon, the way of the most famous chefs.

How to make Cinnabon according to Chef Asia recipe

This recipe consists of two and a half cups of white flour, two tablespoons of warm water, three tablespoons of room temperature butter, five tablespoons of Chantilly cream, half a cup of liquid milk, one red egg, a pinch of sugar, and a pinch of salt. And a bag of instant yeast. As for the Cinnabon filling, we prepare half a cup of walnuts, half a cup of brown sugar, a tablespoon and a half of fine cinnamon, and three tablespoons of liquid butter.

On a low heat we melt the butter and milk, and in a bowl we beat the eggs with the addition of the milk mixture to it, the yeast and sugar mixture, and then we add the cream Chantilly with the flour and salt, and stir until all the ingredients are homogeneous, and leave aside for a quarter of an hour, at that time we stir Sugar, cinnamon, butter and walnuts together, and then we roll out the dough, stuff it with sugar and cinnamon, roll it up, cut it, put it on butter paper and put it in a hot oven until it’s okay.

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