The robbers of Sayed Rajab’s villa confess: We didn’t have money or jewelry, and we took two “tubes”


Investigations by the General Administration of Giza Investigation into the theft of a private guard and unemployed people of the villa of the artist Sayed Ragab in Badrashin revealed that the artist uses the villa as a “rest” to spend his vacation, and does not reside there and his family permanently, which prompted the accused to take advantage of her space and infiltrated her to steal it.

The defendants admitted that, after killing the two guard dogs, by poisoning them, they began to search the villa, and they did not find any money or gold artifacts, so they decided to seize only two gas cylinders from the villas kitchen, for ease of transportation, and fled on the run.

Al-Badrashin Police Station in the Giza Security Directorate received a report that the villa of the artist Sayed Ragab was robbed by an unknown person. The detectives moved to the scene of the incident, and it was found that the accused killed two guard dogs by poisoning them in food, seized some of the contents and ran away..

By conducting investigations, the detectives, under the supervision of Colonel Mohamed Abdel Shakour, inspector of the South Giza Investigations, and Major Ahmed Okasha, head of the Badrashin Investigations, concluded that a former guard was working in the villa behind the theft..

Captain Ahmed Fayez was able to arrest the accused, and by confronting him, he confessed to the theft, and instructed about the stolen items, and by confronting him, he confessed before Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Watidi, Head of Investigations of the South Giza Sector, that he committed the theft in partnership with two unemployed people, he explained their identities, and by preparing an ambush for them, Captain Mohamed Gamal Barghash was able to arrest On them, and by confronting them, they admitted the validity of the accusation against them, so a report was issued regarding the incident, and the Public Prosecution started the investigation.


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