“The secret to radiant, youthful skin” .. 4 easy tips for a healthy glow!


The secret to glowing, healthy skin can’t usually be found in a “magic bottle” – it’s radiance that comes from within.

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and loses some of its elasticity.

But, no matter your age, your skin’s natural abundance depends heavily on lifestyle factors such as diet, getting enough sleep, and adverse environmental factors.

The good news is that it’s possible to improve dull, tired skin and restore its youthful glow, with just a few simple changes. From drinking enough water to including a vitamin supplement that is essential for the skin in your daily routine, a report published by the Daily Mail website reveals 4 easy tips to achieve healthy skin radiance, without the need to visit a dermatologist.

Make sure you get the important nutrients daily

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important not only for our overall health, but for healthy, youthful skin.

Fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, help provide our skin with essential nutrients including vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.

Adverse environmental factors, such as pollution, cigarette smoke and even sunlight, can cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.

Antioxidants help protect the skin by preventing oxidative damage from free radicals to cells and tissues.

Good food sources to add to your shopping list include: berries, apples, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, carrots, asparagus, avocado, beetroot, zucchini, and potatoes.

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Consider taking a supplement

A balanced and varied diet with plenty of fiber and protein, as well as fruits and vegetables, should mean you’re getting all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need.

And if you’re concerned that you’re not getting enough to help maintain beautiful looking skin, you can consider supplementing your daily skincare regimen.

In the first five years after menopause, skin can lose up to 30% of its collagen, which can lead to fine lines turning into wrinkles, and dermis becoming less firm, drier, and more susceptible to damage from free radicals.

Taking the right supplement can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain skin firmness.

– Get enough sleep

Most of us feel groggy after a turbulent night, and for some, we can tell by our faces that we’ve missed the recommended six to nine hours of sleep.

And just one night of lack of sleep can lead to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyes, pale skin, more wrinkles and visible fine lines.

Our bodies need sleep to give them time to repair themselves; As we enjoy sweet dreams, blood flow in our skin increases and begins to rebuild collagen.

And if you struggle to fall asleep, try introducing a regular bedtime routine to help you relax and prepare your body for rest. Do some gentle relaxation exercises like light yoga, reading a book instead of looking at your phone, or listening to the radio can also help calm the mind.

– Stay away from alcohol

Some look to unwind at the end of a busy day with a glass of wine, but the bad news is that alcohol can dehydrate our bodies, including our skin.

When our skin suffers from dehydration, it loses its natural glow and healthy glow, while wrinkles and pores tend to appear larger.

Alcohol can also reduce REM sleep and disrupt our pattern (which we know is bad for our skin), as well as being a diuretic, meaning it increases the body’s production of urine that expels excess water and salt.

Drinking alcohol can also cause our faces to look puffy – another unwanted side effect of alcohol’s dehydrated nature.

And a 2015 study found a strong association between drinking more water and having healthier skin — which makes sense because our skin is made up of cells that need water to function at its best.

Source: Daily Mail


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