The star of “Egypt Theater”, Mohamed Anwar, is blessed with his second daughter and leads the trend


Congratulatory comments poured in to the star of “Theater Egypt”, Mohamed Anwar, after he announced the birth of his second daughter on social media, where Suleiman Eid, Mustafa Basit, Mirna Jamil, Ahmed Shami, Nermin Maher, Basant Al Nabarawy, Aws Aws, Ali Rabie, Mohamed Abdul Rahman..They called him “Abu Al-Banat”.

Muhammad Anwar Abu Al Banat

Mohamed Anwar welcomes his new daughter
Mohamed Anwar welcomes his new daughter

The artist was Mohammed Anwar The Egyptian trend has emerged after announcing the reception of his second child, which he called “Diala” in a photo he posted on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, standing in front of his wife’s room and his daughter in the hospital among the “pink” balloons, one of which has Dialas name written on it, which is the name of the new baby.

He wrote, commenting on the photo, “Praise be to God, whose grace good deeds are completed and I remained the father of girls. Our Lord blessed me with” Diala Muhammad Anwar. “Oh God, make her a good plant, make her the apple of the eye for us, and protect her and bless us in her, Lord of the worlds.”

Muhammad had given birth to his first daughter, “Noray” in 2018.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Anwar is a young Egyptian artist famous for his comedic roles. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University, and then joined the Institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting and Directing. His beginning was through the university’s theater. One of his most famous works is “Theatre of Egypt”, which he called “Theater of Egypt” and a movie. Ocean 14”, “Entering into the Forbidden”, the series “Quot al-Quloub”, and his latest work is the “Ambulance Younes” series, starring Sarah Salama, Menna Arafa, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Iman al-Sayed, Ahmed Muhareb, written by Farouk Hashem, Mustafa Omar, and directed by Moataz. Tony.

The second part of Yunus Ambulance

Anwar is currently preparing to present the second part of the series, the first part of which achieved great public success. The second part of “Younis Ambulance” will witness a great development in the events, and the same team working in the first part is scheduled to participate in it, along with a large number of stars as guests of honor.


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