The state is moving on 4 levels to confront it.. “Irrigation”: Egypt suffers from water scarcity


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Mohamed Ghanem, spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that the country faces major challenges in the field of water, as water resources are limited to 55 billion cubic meters, Egypt’s share of the Nile water, along with limited amounts of rainwater and groundwater, corresponds to 114 billion meters. Cube needs, stressing that Egypt suffers from water scarcity and needs huge measures to deal with these challenges.

Ghanem added, during a telephone interview with the “Now” program broadcast on the “Extra News” satellite channel, today, Saturday, that the state has recently moved in 4 levels to confront the water scarcity, represented in the rehabilitation of canals, the rehabilitation of canals, the use of modern irrigation systems, and irrigation applications. Intelligent agricultural land for the proper and optimal management of our water resources and the delivery of water to farmers in the required time and quantity.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation added that this contributes to rationalizing water consumption and maximizing the return from the water unit, while reducing the initial cost of the farmer and maximizing crop productivity by 30-40%, noting that there are other projects represented in the reuse of agricultural drainage water, and flood protection and rainwater harvesting projects, noting that 1,800 km of canals have been completed within the canals rehabilitation and lining project.

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