The story of Tire.. Marwan Mohsen confronts the unknown in the Red Castle


It seems that Al-Ahly striker Marwan Mohsen is facing the unknown in the next summer Mercato, in light of the welcome by the Planning Committee, headed by Mohsen Saleh, the departure of the Red Team striker during the upcoming summer transfers.

Marwan Mohsen Mahahem Al-Ahly entered a state of confusion between his desire to continue in the Red Castle and between moving to any other club or looking for offers in an Arab club.

Mohsen is facing the ghost of leaving strongly, while the Planning Committee is waiting to discuss the official offers that will reach the club to buy Marwan Mohsen in the summer, after he was put on the list of names nominated to leave the Red Castle.

The intention within Al-Ahly club is to agree to loan Marwan Mohsen, the Red Team striker, during the next summer transfer period, or sell him permanently, especially after the player and his agent welcomed the departure from the Red Castle next season, after the violent criticism that the player faced from the pioneers of social media platforms, due to the decline His level and not taking advantage of the opportunities he has been getting recently.

Marwan Mohsen, 32, played 16 games with Al-Ahly this season, 8 in the Premier League, 5 in Africa and 2 in the Egypt Cup. He scored only one goal in Africa and made two goals.

Marwan Mohsen joined Al-Ahly in 2016. During his career with Al-Ahly, he played 104 games with 5351 minutes, scoring 23 goals over 5 years and making 9, while he received 13 yellow cards and crowned eight championships, which are 4 general leagues, the Egyptian Cup title and the Egyptian Cup title. Local Super, African Super and the African Champions League once.

The seventh day monitors footage of Marwan Mohsen in the following pictures:


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