The “triviality” of one of the children of “Baliyah and his high brain” was arrested on charges of trafficking in heroin | news


The security services arrested Salah Mujahid, who is known as “Tanfa”, because of his role in the movie “Balaya wa Al-Maqah Al-Ali”, accusing him of drug trafficking, and in possession of a powder similar to the narcotic heroin powder.

The police found with Salah about 50 grams of a powder similar to narcotic heroin, and 3,100 pounds from the proceeds of the sale and a mobile phone, according to the “Cairo 24” website.

The investigation authorities also ordered the detention of the accused for 4 days pending investigations, and demanded investigations by the detectives about the incident to complete the investigations.

It is noteworthy that Salah Mujahid appeared in the movie “Balaya and his High Brain”, co-starring Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed Zaher, Ghada Adel, Hala Fakher and Said Saleh, and written by Medhat El-Adl and directed by Nader Jalal, and it was shown in 2000.

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