The victim of the “airport harasser” by Masrawy: I recorded the video in the most vulnerable moment as


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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Books – Abdullah Owais:

Last Monday evening, “Basma Hani Bishai” attracted the attention of social media pioneers, with her attitude towards an employee, who was taking pictures of her without her knowledge, who became known as the “airport harasser” and ended up imprisoned. In the background of that scene, another old scene dates back to 10 years, when the young woman, while working in a popular area, was harassed, his owner quickly fled, and she could not take a position, or say a word, so that this position would drive her over the years, To strongly confront any harasser exposed to it

Basma was returning from Beirut to Cairo, accompanied by her husband, her friend and her husband, and while waiting for her bags, her friend told her that someone was filming her, without understanding the matter, and when her companions disappeared from in front of her, to pursue that person, she remained in her place waiting for the bags, until she found a large gathering and a detour. People around those who were with her, a representative arrives to guard the bags, and she turns to the others, to be shocked by the matter: “When my friend noticed his behavior, he ran away from in front of her, but they followed him and I did not understand what was happening, until I saw the picture,” says the 29-year-old, She published two videos, explaining what happened to her, which gained millions of views and thousands of interactions and shares.

What prompted Basma to publish the two videos, what I found of the shortcomings and slowness in the procedures, her picture was circulating among about 12 men in an office, while the mobile phone of the accused of harassment contained other pictures similar to others: No one took action, and people told me about my soul, so I said I must do the video because the world is moving.” These events were taking place at half past nine in the evening of last Monday, and after the spread of the videos, everything changed, with the start of an investigation with that person inside the airport.


The young woman, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the American University, did not feel any victory in those moments, but when she sensed that the investigations were serious, and wrote the record in about 15 pages, in which she mentioned the most accurate details that happened with her, and put the handcuffs in the hands of the accused of harassment, she felt some victory: « In the beginning, people were on his side, but when the investigation took place at 11 o’clock, and I found the investigator interested in every detail, I felt that the situation was different.”

Basma works in the fields of oil and petroleum, accompanied by her father, and has a blog in which she writes her daily details, so she chose to publish what happened to her on Instagram quickly and without hesitation: “In the first video, I was very collapsed, and I felt that I did not know everything right, so I made another video and explained It has more details. Basma, who borrowed from her husband the “profile” who was with him, because she feels that her modesty has been scratched, and that she needs to cover her body, says: “Although I was originally very well dressed, jeans and a T-shirt, but I felt that I was naked in the eyes of this man, so I was very upset.” . A feeling that the young woman says is “a killer for any woman.”


The young woman follows up the details of the harassment report, at the Nozha Public Prosecution, and she learned about the worker being arrested and his customs permit withdrawn, pending the completion of investigations with him, as reported by the official page of the Cairo Air Port Company, on its Facebook account. He learned about the detention of that worker for four days pending investigations, for accusing him of harassing a passenger and photographing her without her knowledge. She feels that this is a victory for her, despite the harm that may be inflicted on him: “I am not at all happy that a person has been harmed, or that his family sees him in the position of a monster, but the victory is that the state is standing in my back and the back of the woman, and our voice is heard.”


There are people to whom Basma owes credit for her stance, and her insistence on taking her right completely, so she sees in her husband’s great wisdom, as he did not insult or beat the harasser: “He was controlling himself like that despite his agitation, this is something I am proud of.” She tells about her family that she has been supportive of her since she was young to reveal any problem she faces, and not to be afraid of anyone as long as the truth is with her: “Papa and Mama and the way they were brought up for me, the reason is that I never lose my right.” The young woman advises all girls who are subjected to harassment not to remain silent and to look for all means to take their rights, including social networking sites.

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