The virus mutated in her body 32 times.. an African woman was infected with a rare case of corona


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In a phenomenon that appears terrifying and raises questions about the future of the Corona virus, which has become a forced hospitality with humans, the virus has mutated inside the body of an African woman more than 30 times, in an incident that is the first of its kind since the beginning of the epidemic.

The story began when the 36-year-old woman, who suffers from HIV, was infected with the emerging coronavirus in September of last year, and remained infected for more than seven months.

The South African woman was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of her infection after the appearance of some symptoms that lasted for 12 days, which were coughing, sore throat and difficulty breathing, and then she was discharged from the hospital after nine days, while her test result was still positive, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”. British.

After the woman in her thirties was discharged from the hospital, the results of the Corona virus tests that she was undergoing periodically remained positive for 216 days, and while she was undergoing tests, the researchers monitored the virus being exposed to a genetic change 32 times.

Over the course of the infection during which the Corona virus mutated, the changes were varied between several mutations, some of which were similar to those seen in the British and South African strains, in addition to 13 protein-related mutations.

After a months-long treatment journey, the African woman tested negative, within two weeks of changing two medications in her treatment protocol.

The British newspaper report notes that it is too early to say that this case is unique, but if it is not really unique, then HIV patients may be a reason to spread potentially fatal variants.

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