The wife of Moamen Zakaria flirts with him in their latest appearance: “My life” .. and he responds to the hearts


Reham El-Shimy, the wife of the Al-Ahly star and the Egyptian national team, Moamen Zakaria, flirted with him, in a new photo that brings them together through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, and the duo appeared in the photo while they were in a public place, and only commented on the photo with one word, “My life”, to respond to it with expressions of hearts.

Wife of Moamen Zakaria
Wife of Moamen Zakaria

Moamen Zakaria and his wife
Moamen Zakaria and his wife

The image was admired by a large number of its followers, and a number of social media pioneers re-circulated it, wishing their favorite star a speedy recovery and a speedy return to the stadiums, after his recent health crisis.

Reham, the wife of Moamen Zakaria, drew attention more than once because of her position and continuous support for him, which the audience called “Bint Al-Osoul”, which revealed her authentic metal when the player suffered from a rare disease classified by doctors as muscle atrophy, and it affected the way of pronunciation, but she supported her husband and stood next to him. To be the crutch that leans on him in his ordeal.

Moamen Zakaria is one of the smartest Egyptian football players, and is able to move distinctly within the opponents penalty area, score with the feet and head, in addition to rebounding and making defensive support to the fullest, and the possibility of occupying more than one offensive position in the front lines, to be one of the most prominent tactical players in Egypt over the last seasons. Moamen Zakaria was distinguished by his profuse goals, and he was the top scorer for Al-Ahly team in the 2015-2016 season. He responded to many skeptics about his abilities after moving to the Red Team in the winter of 2015. Big bang in the middle of the ball.

Moamen Zakaria, the Red Genie, played 150 games, scored 42 goals, participated in 93 Premier League matches and scored 30 goals. He also played 12 matches in the Egypt Cup and scored 4 goals, while he played 3 matches in the Egyptian Super and scored one goal, and played 40 matches in African championships and scored 6 Goals, and played two matches in the Arab Championship and scored one goal.


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