The Zamalek administration intervenes to release the remaining detainees from the club’s fans


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The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, headed by Captain Hussein Labib, announced that it is following up on the situation of the detained Zamalek fans, who were arrested by the security services to prevent the gathering during the reception of the basketball team in the club that won the African Club Championship.

The committee confirmed that all its members made contacts with all the security authorities to explore the legal position of the detainees, and the committee sent a team of lawyers in the club’s legal affairs to release the detainees.

The committee also intervened and obtained a promise from the security authorities to release all the detained masses during the coming hours, especially since a large number of them were released during the past few hours.

A number of Zamalek fans who wished to receive the delegation of the basketball team returning to the African Championship from Rwanda had been detained against the background of the decision to prevent gatherings due to the Corona pandemic.


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