There are no political dimensions to opening the coastal road


After advertising About opening the coastal road linking the east and west of the countryOn Sunday, the Libyan army confirmed that this measure has no political dimensions.

The Director of Moral Guidance in the Libyan Armed Forces, Khaled Mahjoub, told Al Arabiya that opening the coastal road needs to remove the mines planted there, and it will be secured by the security forces for the safety of citizens.

He also made it clear that the border with Algeria is closed as it is a security operation area.

For its part, the Libyan Presidential Council announced the opening of the coastal road, with the 5+5 Joint Military Committee taking over the responsibility of coordinating between the parties to ensure the full implementation of the road opening and follow up on security arrangements.

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent had reported the arrival of the delegation of the UN mission to the city of Sirte to attend the meeting of the Military Committee, awaiting the arrival of the delegations of the Military Committee from the East and West to the city this evening.

Final arrangements

He added that the military committee will discuss during the meeting the final arrangements for the process of opening the coastal road and discussing its security, in addition to the file of removing mercenaries and foreign elements from the country.

He also stated that the process of opening the road will not take place until after the end of the work of the Military Committee and the completion of its meeting at the end of tomorrow, Monday.

It is noteworthy that the coastal road is of great importance to Libya, as it connects the east and west of the country through the strategic city of Sirte. It also extends from the Libyan-Tunisian border to the border with Egypt.

A member of the Libyan army in the city of Sirte (Archive - Reuters)

A member of the Libyan army in the city of Sirte (Archive – Reuters)

Alternative roads..and dangerous

Since its closure in April 2019, Libyans have been using Longer and sometimes dangerous alternative routes For inter-regional transportation.

And thorny negotiations that lasted for months within the framework of the Joint Military Committee, or what is known as 5 + 5, led to an agreement to open the road, where the Libyan army is stationed, about 40 kilometers from it, west of Sirte, while armed factions affiliated with the government and its forces control 60 kilometers east of Misurata.

In addition, opening this road between the cities of Sirte and Misurata is an essential step for the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, as it has been considered for years one of the most thorny issues that represent a great burden on the executive authority and hinder the comprehensive peace process and national reconciliation.

The Sirte Operations Room and Al-Jufra, loyal to the unity government, stipulated that the Libyan army forces retreat and leave Sirte to open the road, which the latter rejected.

Some armed militia also asked for money to withdraw from the road.

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