There is no difference between it and the cold.. Everything you need to know about the Delta Corona strain


Muhammad Al-Nadi, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus, revealed the details of the new Delta strain of Corona, explaining that the infection with the Delta strain is very likely after receiving the Corona vaccine, pointing out that it is a fierce and rapidly spreading strain, in addition to that it has begun to spoil part of the vaccine’s strength.

The club added, during a phone call to the “90 Minutes” program, presented by the media, Basma Wahba, broadcast on “Al Mehwar” that Europe is the most continent with the Delta Corona mutant, pointing out that it has different characteristics from the original strain, as it spreads in a way Faster, targeting younger age groups, and different symptoms.

He explained that its symptoms are completely similar to the common flu, which is; Headache, runny nose, cracking in the body, but severely, explaining that no one can differentiate between the symptoms of “Corona Delta” and the common cold, pointing out that all current antivirals are not for the Corona virus, pointing out that the effectiveness of the vaccine ranges from 30 to 61% As an effective force against the new strain of Corona, and that the strength of the new Corona strain is more than twice the old strains.

And about the possibility of his presence in Egypt, he said: “The answer to this question is difficult, and the days will reveal that, and we cannot answer, but if this mutant was present, we would not have witnessed this decrease in infections with the Corona virus because it is rapidly spreading.”

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