“They cut her clothes and stripped her in the street.” A woman’s tragedy because of a garbage bag.


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Tuesday 08 June 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

At ten in the morning last Saturday, as usual, “Ahmed El-Daqawy” left his home in the Kerdasa Center, north of Giza, heading to his place of work as a driver for the “SSH” company. The man took his 15-year-old daughter to obtain a birth certificate for her, promising to return before sunset to have lunch with his wife and their four children, but a different scenario awaited him.

An hour later, the driver received a call from his neighbors, “Come in trouble at home.”

Upon arriving at his place of residence on Majali Al-Jawhar Street, next to the Al-Shahid Mosque, he asked the audience about what happened, “They cut them off and you went to Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, so we caught them from under the hands of your neighbors.”

The husband tells Masrawy the details of what happened this fateful morning, saying that his wife, Ola Hassan, 36, was surprised by the compass of insulting words coming from her neighbor when she left a garbage bag away from the door of the second party’s house.

The matter quickly developed with the help of the neighbor – whose house is behind the driver’s house – the residents of the house.

The matter ended with the intervention of 3 women, including a veiled and divorced woman, and 3 brothers “a lawyer – teacher – owner of an abaya shop in the tourist market” in the face of “Ola” alone.

The husband adds that one of the women pulled his wife by her hair away from the door of the house and threw her on the ground, and she was about to hold her breath again to prevent her from screaming, while one of the three brothers took over the task of immobilizing her from behind.

He continues, “They cut off her galabiya and stripped her in the street… She remained in her underwear

They assaulted her with knives, “a razor blade,” in every part of her body, according to the husband.

The neighbors intervened and confronted the second party, who rushed into their house, and took her to the hospital to prepare a medical report – Masrawy obtained a copy of it – and attached it to the report No. 5332 Kerdasa misdemeanour for the year 2021.

The medical report showed that the woman in her thirties sustained injuries to the face, hands, lower abdomen and chest, as well as wounds to the back.

While the sun’s rays are falling behind the clouds, 3 brothers, “two men – a lady”, went to the Kerdasa section and wrote a report. “Ola” accused her of assaulting them, and claimed that her husband and brother had destroyed some of their household goods.

The two parties were detained and transferred to the Public Prosecution office the next morning, which ordered the release of Ms. “Ola” and the detention of the second party, pending investigations.

Returning to the scene of events, the people launched the hashtag “Olas right must return”, at a time when the husband rejected the efforts of some to complete the reconciliation to give up the record, appealing, “Mr. President, I want my wife’s right to the law…

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