They died on the night of joy.. Details of the death of two newlyweds in a wedding procession in Zagazig


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Friday 11 June 2021

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

Hundreds of meters from the “marital nest”, two newlyweds and the sister of the bride were killed, during a wedding procession, when a car carrying them overturned in a bank in the Zagazig Center in Sharqia.

The clock is ticking at seven on Thursday evening, while joy reigns in Ezbet Assem in the Zagazig Center, to celebrate the wedding of “Mohamed” and “Sally.”

The victims are (the groom “Mohammed A. A. – a factory worker”, the bride “Sally R. A.”, and her sister “Nora” 23 years old), while the driver of the car was injured, and her 10-year-old niece “Aisha” – all from Ezbet Siyam.

Delegations from the villagers and the river rescue forces rushed to the site of the accident and were able to retrieve the bodies of the bride and her sister, while attempts to search for the groom’s body lasted for about an hour, until the forces managed to retrieve it.

In the month of April 2020, (Mohamed, 21 years old, a worker in one of the factories of the 10th of Ramadan) proposed to his cousin (Sally – a 3-year-old), after a love story that brought them together, provided that their marriage would take place in June 2021, so that he could manage the requirements for that Marriage, according to one of the villagers.

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the newlyweds celebrated the night of henna, in a joyful atmosphere, gathering friends, relatives and some villagers. One of the relatives said: The newlyweds kept talking about the wedding car equipped with flowers as it walked with them in the streets of the village heading to the “married nest” amid the joy of the people And they did not imagine that it would be the cause of their death.

At six in the evening, after the bride finished her hairdresser in Zagazig, the newlyweds and their friends headed to Ezbet Siam, where the wedding ceremony took place.

Hundreds of meters from the “marital nest”, a number of participants in the wedding procession – riding motorcycles, harassed the driver of the wedding car, in addition to that he was driving the car at a crazy speed, which led to it overturning in the bank passing through the center of the village, and the death of 3 people, including the newlyweds. According to one of the participants in the wedding procession.

In front of the groom’s house in Ezbet Assem, Minya al-Qamh district, Sharkia Governorate, the women shrieked and set off fireworks and shamrocks, until they learned of the accident.

The news struck the people of the village like a thunderbolt, the joy and ululations turned into a funeral, and delegations from the villagers rushed to the site of the accident and were able to retrieve the bodies with the help of the river rescue forces.

The bodies were transferred to Zagazig Hospital, and a report was issued about the incident and the Public Prosecution office was notified to undertake investigations.

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