Those who are eligible for support and those unable to earn.. Learn about the categories that are exempt from health insurance fees


Cabinet Resolution No. 1948 of 2019 included identifying the unable and the controls for exempting them from the fees of the comprehensive health insurance system, in a step intended to facilitate citizens, especially simple groups.

Below we review these categories according to the text of the resolution:

Those who are unable to apply the provisions of the aforementioned Comprehensive Health Insurance Law are considered categories in which one of the following cases is available:

First: The individual or family for whom the conditions for entitlement to cash support have been met from the Takaful, Karama and Social Security Program are met.

Second: The individual or the head of the family who is unemployed, who is not entitled to or who has exhausted the period of entitlement to unemployment compensation, as well as every member of the dependent family.

Third: The individual or the head of the family who is deprived of family care who resides in social and health care institutions and has no breadwinner or income.

Fourth: The individual or the head of the family with a disability who is unable to earn an income and has no source of income in a manner that does not conflict with the aforementioned Law of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Fifth: Individuals and families residing in specific geographical areas who are temporarily exposed to a natural or man-made disaster.

Sixth: The individual or the head of the family whose average income is not sufficient to meet his needs or the basic needs of the family.

The targeting criteria and elements on the basis of which the categories of those unable to be identified are modified periodically at intervals of no more than three years.


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