Tunisia.. 5 security officials removed after a dangerous terrorist infiltration from Turkey


On Tuesday, the Tunisian authorities dismissed 5 security officials at the Ministry of the Interior, against the background of allowing a terrorist classified as dangerous without a passport to enter Tunisian territory through Tunis-Carthage Airport from Turkey, and the failure to take the administrative and security measures applicable in such cases.

The matter concerns the exemption of the governor of Tunis-Carthage Airport, the head of the terrorism department, the head of the guidance department, and the head of the border procedures department.

Jamal Rihani

Jamal Rihani

According to the head of the Parliament’s Administrative Reform and Anti-Corruption Committee, Badr Al-Din Al-Qamoudi, the matter is related to the terrorist Jamal Al-Rihani, who was deported from Turkey, where he was serving a 6-year prison sentence, on the grounds of his affiliation with ISIS and committing crimes against humanity, and the incident is related to his entry into Tunisian territory on Friday. the past.

Al-Qamoudi added that this terrorist had several inspection pamphlets issued against him in Tunisia, and that he was sentenced to prison in Turkey before his deportation to Tunisia, adding that his deportation to Tunisia took place outside the legal formulas and without a passport, and that the Tunisian authorities knew in advance of the deportation of the terrorist who returned on board the airline Turkish and through a traffic license issued by the Embassy of Tunisia in Istanbul under No. 85-2021.

The head of the Administrative Reform and Anti-Corruption Committee considered that “there are actors within the Ministry of Interior who facilitated the entry of this terrorist, and deliberately failed to take the necessary security measures against each suspect.”

Al-Qamoudi denounced this “illegal transgression”, wondering if the Tunisian borders and the country’s sovereignty had become permissible, and if there were a number of other terrorists who were deported to Tunisia in this way, about the reasons for facilitating the entry of this terrorist without taking any precautionary measure, as is the custom with the suspects in terrorist issues.

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