Twitter provides its users with new services. Get to know them


The Twitter application has announced the introduction of new services and features on the application to expand the extent to which users can benefit from it, according to RT. Among the most prominent features that have appeared for some Twitter users recently is the feature of ads that appear on the entire screen area when using Fleets services in the application.

According to Twitter experts, the new feature is still in the testing phase, through which users of Fleets services will be able to place ads that will appear to users on mobile screens with dimensions of “16:9”, and videos will appear through this feature to their viewers for 30 seconds, that is, as It is the case in advertising services through the “Stories” feature in “Instagram” and some communication applications.

And the advertiser will be able to view the data related to his advertisement, such as the number of views and those who are looking at the advertisement in order to develop his use of the service in the future.

In addition to the aforementioned feature, Twitter officials announced the launch of a new weather platform called Tomorrow, through which users of the application will currently be able to know the weather in some American regions, and the services of this platform are supposed to cover additional regions of the world at a later time.


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