“Under pressure” .. gold prices in Egypt and globally this morning, Tuesday, June 29, 2021


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continue gold priceToday, Tuesday morning, June 29, 2021, its decline began on Monday evening, after a period of instability due to US economic statements, the dollar index and the Treasury bond yield, so that the yellow metal continues to raise traders fears for its lack of stability on a specific trend of ups or downs and fell The price of gold in Egypt, this morning, a slight decrease in response to the decline in its prices globally, and experts expect a further decline throughout the day, and is affected by gold in Egypt world prices in light of the low demand locally.

Division announced gold In Egypt, the price of 24-carat gold, in goldsmiths without workmanship, this morning, Tuesday, amounted to 888 pounds, and 21-carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, 776 pounds, and 18-carats 665 pounds, and the gold pound is 6190 pounds.

وشد world gold priceThis morning, a noticeable decline due to the rise in the dollar index, which reached its highest level in two months, amid a state of anticipation for the release of the US jobs report, which may change the position of the Federal Reserve on stimulus programs and interest rates, in addition to the release of housing market data and the house price index, which It often reflects economic growth.

Gold futures fell during the Asian session by 0.2%, to rebound from its highest level in 6 months, while the dollar index rose by between 0.09% and 0.1%, with the stability of the yield on US bonds and affected global gold With the dollar index and the bond yield, as it has an inverse relationship, and experts confirmed that gold is under noticeable pressure in light of the dollar’s ​​strength and the positive US economic data, which enhances the demand for the dollar and weakens the demand for the yellow metal, which has lost its luster in front of traders.

وجل gold price 21 carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, on Tuesday morning, 782.89 pounds, and on Monday evening it was 784.04 pounds, while the ounce “ounce” recorded 1,773.74 dollars, and it was on Monday evening, 1,778.74 dollars.

«Egyptian today» publish gold prices On Tuesday morning, June 29, 2021, in the goldsmiths’ shops in Egypt, without workmanship.

UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 . caliber887 to 890
22 . caliber813 to 816
21 . caliber776 to 779
18 . caliber665 to 668
14 caliber517 to 520
12 . caliber443 to 446
ounce27,591 to 27,662
gold pound6,208 to 6,250
kilo886,857 to 889,143

Average gold prices In the financial markets in Egypt and globally, on Tuesday morning, June 29, 2021

MUnitEgyptian PoundAmerican dollar
124 karat gold price894.73 EGP57.03 $
222 karat gold price820.17 EGP52.27 $
321 karat gold priceEGP 782.8949.90 $
418 karat gold price671.05 EGP42.77 $
514 karat gold price521.93 EGP33.27 $
612 karat gold price447.37 EGP28.51 $
710 karat gold price372.80 EGP23.76 $
8The price of the gold pound (weight 8 grams, 21 karat)6,263.12 EGP399.19 $
924 karat gold price per ounce27,829.27 EGP1،773.74 $
10The price of the gold ingot (weight 100 grams, 24 karat)89,473.19 EGP5،702.71 $
1124 karat gold price per kilo894,731.92 EGP57،027.07 $

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