Urgent: The latest developments in the health condition of the artist, Mohamed Mounir


It was revealed from close sources, about the health condition of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, as he received the second dose of the vaccine against Corona Virus The newcomer, Covid 19, which King suffers from mild symptoms that resulted from receiving the vaccine.

Details of the artist’s health condition, Mohamed Mounir, after receiving the Corona vaccine:

These sources indicated that the artist, Mohamed Mounir, was supposed to be honored, last Friday, during the 69th session of the Catholic Festival, but he apologized for not attending because of his condition, and the award was received by the artist Hala Sedky.

King revealed the reason for his absence from attending, as he said that he is in good health, and does not suffer from any health crises, but his absence came because the date of receiving the second dose of the Corona virus vaccine coincided with the date of the ceremony, which is the only reason that prevented him from attending and receiving his honor.

On the other hand, the King Mohamed MounirIn preparation, during the current time, to release a new song soon bearing the name of the rest of my companions, which he presented the promotional promo, through his YouTube channel, and the song is written by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Ahmed Zaim, and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim.

On the other hand, a new crisis was supposed to occur for the artist, Muhammad Munir, some time ago, in the event that he insisted on a lyrical tour, during which he visits Palestine and sings in Haifa, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza, because those cities are under Israeli control. .


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