“Very violent” .. The first comment from the French president on the incident of his slap


French President Emmanuel Macron played down on Tuesday an incident in which a man slapped him while meeting a crowd of citizens and journalists in the southeast of the country, blaming “extremely violent” individuals.

“I’m fine. We must put this incident, which I think was an isolated event, into perspective,” he told the Dauphin Libre newspaper in an interview after the incident, which occurred in the village of Tyne-L’Hermitage in the Drome region.

Today, Tuesday, the French police arrested two people, after one of them attacked the French president and slapped him in the face; And that when he stopped to greet the citizens in one of the southeastern regions of the country.

During Macron’s visit, he went to a crowd of citizens to salute them. A young man grabbed the president’s hand and slapped him in the face; Before the President’s security intervened and arrested the assailant, in addition to another person who was accompanying him.

Activists published a video clip on social media, and the clip was spread on local media, showing the French president being slapped by a person.

Macron completed his tour normally, meeting with diners and students and talking about how life can return to normal after the pandemic.

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