Video – Cyrine Abdel Nour celebrates her daughter’s tenth birthday


The star, Cyrine Abdel Nour, shared her fans through social networks, celebrating the birthday of her eldest daughter Talia, who has reached her tenth year.

The Lebanese artist published a set of photos that she collected with her daughter, commenting: “My princess is 10 years old, I can’t believe how they have progressed. God willing, the whole life, my heart, you.”

It is noteworthy that Abdel Nour married Farid Rahma in 2007, and they had a daughter on June 10, 2011, and she gave birth to their second child on March 17, 2018, called Cristiano.

Cyrine recently released the official poster for her new work, the Lebanese series “The Role of Al-Omar”, co-starring the Lebanese media and actor Adel Karam and a group of actors, directed by Saeed Al Marouk, and a script and dialogue by Nasser Fakih, and the story of the series revolves in the context of social stories. A romance that binds the heroes of the work together, and its events depend on excitement and suspense.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip published by Fakih, behind the scenes of filming, in which the Lebanese artist appeared while she was training and practicing the sport of “boxing with the help of Nasser himself.

Cyrine Abdel Nour appeared with long blond hair, and it was clear that she was not good at boxing amid fits of laughter between her and the writer, and she said spontaneously: “Ok, teach me.” In turn, the latter commented on the clip jokingly: “She was stinging my eyes, but Sirin would go down to the ring, and they would move out of her path.”


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