Video – Hana Al-Zahid embarrassed her sister Farah on the air


The artist Farah Al-Zahid was a guest on one of the artistic programs broadcast on social media, whose idea is to host a star, and the presenter of the program asks him to call one of his friends or brothers to make a phone call with him, so Farah Al-Zahid called her sister here, who revealed during the intervention something embarrassing Farah in front of the audience, as I asked her in a funny way: “I’m the only one who knows why you don’t want to change your haircut, because your anger (your forehead) is big… to hide Farah’s face with her hand and get into a state of hysterical laughter.”

It is noteworthy that the two ascetic sisters participated in the last Ramadan drama race, where she participated here in the series “Al-Nimr” with the artist Muhammad Imam and Nermin El-Feki, directed by Sherine Adel, while Farah participated in the series “The Peacock”, which was starred by the artist Jamal Suleiman and Sahar Al-Sayegh. Directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.


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