Wafaa Al-Kilani disease is shape? – photos


Anchor and program presenter, Wafaa Al-Kilani, published a new photo of her, in which she looked different from what she was before, because she abandoned the full makeup this time and adopted a very simple and soft look.

One of them asked her if she was suffering from a disease that changed her appearance, and wrote: “By God, I did not know that you are sick or look tired. The important thing is if you are tired, may God heal you.” She did not deny Wafaa, neither her illness nor her fatigue, and contented herself with a sentence: “Thank you for the invitation.”

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We are used to Wafa’s constant silence in response to any rumor, fabricated news, or photo modified by Photoshop, and the last of them was when she launched a rumor about her divorce from her current husband, Tim_Hassan, and the sum of $100,000 was paid as her back from a bank in Dubai – UAE.

She takes a path of her own, does not appear often on social media, does not authorize the press and media, that is, she does not use her personal or family news to shed light on it.

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She wrote a comment on her photo that she is in Beirut – Lebanon and expressed her love for her, the country she visited, despite the woes she is experiencing and the deterioration of economic and social life in it, but she definitely came to check on her two Lebanese sons who live in their homeland with their Lebanese father.

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In the photo, without makeup, she looked similar to the Turkish actress Zerrin Tekandor, known in the Arab world, for the role of “Lamis Khanum” through the series “Forbidden Love” starring alongside Beren_Sat and Kivanc_Tatlitug.

Wafa is one of the most beautiful Arab broadcasters and a star par excellence, but she is outside the game of rumors and polemics by her decision, as no journalist can harass the life of a celebrity if he is not supplied with what is called the raw material from the celebrities themselves.

Wafaa Al Kilani looks like Zerrin Tekindor
Wafaa Al Kilani looks like Zerrin Tekindor
A fan asked Wafa if she was sick or tired
A fan asked Wafa if she was sick or tired


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