Wajih Ahmed: I refuse to work with Jamal Al-Ghandour… and we have 3 referees ready to run the next summit


Wajih Ahmed, head of the referees committee, confirmed that he was afraid of being dismissed from the presidency of the arbitration committee after the first summit match, which was successfully managed by Mahmoud Al-Banna, and I have 3 teams ready to manage the upcoming Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches.

Wajih Ahmed said, in statements to the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on Ontime Sports with the media, Seif Zaher: “I refuse to work with Jamal Al-Ghandour at any time, but I am very ready to work with Essam Abdel-Fattah at any time .. Al-Ghandour erred in his right.” The committee after he said it is a committee that does not include competencies.

And about the summit match, Ahmed Wajih said: “Engineer Ahmed Mujahid met me and told me that you have referees who can manage the summit match. I told him of course, and I waited for a decision to use foreign referees, but the more time passed I made sure that the match was with Egyptian referees and I was equipped with two crews to manage the summit.”

And the head of the referees committee added: “I was afraid of dismissal after the first summit match, but I had confidence in Ahmed Mujahid that he would not sacrifice me, and if the referees staff had not succeeded in the first summit, we would have played the second summit with Egyptian referees.”

Wajih Ahmed continued, “I chose a team of referees led by Mahmoud Al-Banna by several criteria and excluded him from the Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches a while ago, in addition to having great confidence from the clubs, especially the poles, and the referees are held accountable for their mistakes in the matches, but we do not announce the punishment.”

Wajih Ahmed added: “All the referees will manage the upcoming summit matches, and we have 3 referees ready to manage the next summit, and the foreign referee will not return again, and there are also strong refereeing matches such as the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match or Zamalek and Pyramids.”

He concluded: “The Egyptian arbitration is progressing at a steady pace in Africa, and there is an Egyptian team of referees of 7 referees who will manage the semi-final match of the Confederation between Cameroon Cotton and JS Kabylie.”


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