Watch how Diana Karazon caught everyone’s attention with her pregnancy beauty


Jordanian actress Diana Karazon published a new photo of her on her Instagram account, in which she appeared with her bulging stomach in a yellow dress.The photo won the admiration of thousands of her followers, and she received comments and blessings from a large number of stars and followers, who flirted with her beauty and wished her safety and health with her first child, whose gender has not yet been revealed, according to (her).

Diana reviewed her pregnancy, through which she sent a love letter to her media husband, Moaz Al-Omari, and their expected child, and wrote in it: “I loved a man who is my friend and my lover and a piece of my heart is a blessing. I will continue to thank God for her.And she added, “And here we are waiting for our first child, a piece of our heart. We will take good care of you. We will always stay with you, and if you fall, we will support you on our shoulders. We will protect you from the misery of this world. You are our beloved, our child and the closest to us … Oh God, protect our child and make him complete creation and creation without increase or decrease. The apple of our eye.”

Curzon announced her pregnancy with her first child in a distinctive way through the video clip “Ho Min”, which she released last February, where she put a necklace in the form of a pregnant woman around her neck.


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