Watch the Belgium-Croatia friendly match broadcast live today 6/6/2021


The Polish national football team will clash with its Croatian counterpart, on Sunday evening, June 6, at the King Baudouin Stadium, in a friendly match in preparation for the European Football Championship Euro 2020/2021.

Koura 365 will provide its followers with a live broadcast of the Belgium-Croatia match today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 9:45 pm Mecca time, that is, nine to a quarter Cairo time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BN Sport HD1 Premium channel with an audio performance Hanging gold bracelet.

Belgium managed to fall into the trap of a draw against Greece with a goal each in the first friendly match that brought the two teams together a few days ago in preparation for the Euro.

Today, the Belgian national team is looking to correct the mistakes made by its players in order to avoid them before participating in the official tournament, the Euro, which does not accept any mistake, so it will make every effort to present a strong match worthy of it, through which it seeks to come out with victory and know the extent of the players’ readiness for Russia in his first match in European Championship on June 12.

While Croatia is preparing well for the Euro, as it played its first friendly match against Armenia, but it tied with a goal for both of them, but it performed well in this match.

The Croatian team completed its preparations for this important and last match before the Euro Championship, which will start on June 11, with a strong and high focus, as it wants to win and win the bet and try to achieve its goals from this match and know the technical, psychological and physical readiness of the players for the euro.


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