Watch the Brazilian president remove the mask from the faces of two children


Although the mask has been mandatory since May 2020 in the northern state of Rio Grande do Norte, as in most states of Brazil, its president Jair Bolsonaro, who wants to run again when his term ends next year, appeared during his visit to the state among a crowd of its residents, without a muzzle, but he himself removed the muzzle of a child under 3 years old, and on the same day he asked a 10-year-old girl to remove it as well.

The girl was giving a welcoming speech to him at a party held by the town of Jucurutu at her municipality headquarters in the state, as we see in the video presented by “Al” below, so he encourages her to take her off, and points to her with his hand, asking to take her off her face, in violation of the law . Worse, he approached the two children face-to-face, and put them at risk, because he might be infected with the virus, without showing symptoms.

And on Friday in particular, a federal court in San Paulo punished him by imposing a fine on his government in Brazilian reals equivalent to 960,000 dollars, for positions and statements made by him and government officials, and considered by the judiciary to be insulting to women, according to what was reported today in local media.

The judicial punishment also included obligating the government to allocate the equivalent of two million dollars, to be spent on a campaign that would do justice to Brazilian women and defend their rights, and even proposals began to appear to dismiss the 63-year-old president, if he continued to violate the law on masks, continued his anti-women statements, and reduced the risk of “Corona.” Which has killed more than 511 thousand Brazilians so far.

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