Watch the Chinese explorer travel on the surface of Mars and explore the planet.. Photos


According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, a dark area can be seen where the rover landed, which was caused by the engine shaft during landing, and the image also shows symmetrical bright lines, surrounding the rover and landing craft in the north, which are actually particles of fine dust when Vehicles have been emptied of fuel.

China vehicle photo
China vehicle photo

China landed its rover on Mars on May 15, following in the footsteps of the United States, where NASA landed on the Red Planet three months ago.

The Zhurong, named after the god of fire in Chinese folk tales, is the size of a small car and weighs 530 pounds.

China 2 . vehicle
China vehicle

Starting from its landing point to the surface of Mars on May 22, Zhurong embarked on its mission to study the Red Planet, and CNSA shared an image of the rover as it travels through the dusty landscape.

The image, which was captured by a high-resolution camera installed on the Tianwen-1 orbiter at 6 p.m. (Beijing time), shows two bright spots in the upper right corner, the largest is the landing platform, and the smaller is the Zhurong Mars rover.

China vehicle
Chinas rover close-up on Mars

Zhurong has been working on the surface of Mars for 23 sols, probing its new environment and making scientific explorations. A Sol day is about 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth.

All scientific equipment on board the rover is operational, which will analyze Martian soil and atmosphere, take pictures, schematic maps, and search for water and ancient signs of life.

Imagine China's rover on Mars
Imagine Chinas rover on Mars

It is also planned that with an expected lifespan of at least 90 sols (about three months on Earth), Zhurong will record the view of Mars in high-resolution 3D images and analyze the physical composition of the planet’s surface.


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