Watch the friendly match between Germany and Latvia, broadcast live today, 7/6/2021


Esprit Arena will host a friendly match between Germany and Latvia this evening, Monday, June 7, as part of the preparations for the European Football Championship “Euro”, which will start on June 11 this month.

Koura 365 offers its followers to watch the match between Germany and Latvia live broadcast today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 9:45 pm Mecca time, i.e. nine to a quarter Cairo time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BN Sport HD1 Premium channel with a performance My voice for commentator Jawad Bedda.

The German national team fell into the trap of a positive tie in its first friendly match against Denmark, with a goal each, a few days ago, in preparation for the European Euro.

The German machines have prepared well for this battle, as tonight he aspires to correct the conditions and mistakes that the team suffered in the previous match in order to enter the Euro in a distinctive way, so he will make every effort today to make the biggest gains and know the extent of the players’ technical and physical readiness for the European nations.

While the Latvian national team is aware of the difficulty of the match, but it will fight fiercely today in order to win and write it in its history, despite the fact that this battle is experimental, so it will fight fiercely to present a distinguished match worthy of it.


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