Watch the series, Resurrection of Othman, episode 62, with full translation


The Resurrection of Othman series, Episode 62, drama lovers and history lovers await the Turkish series, the resurrection of the founder Othman Al-Ghazi, the sixty-second episode, which is shown today on the ATV channel, as it embodies the period that precedes the Ottoman Caliphate, and the events continue until the succession period of the Ottoman founder Ertugrul, as all events show the circumstances that have passed The country in the period before the Ottomans took over the caliphate all the conditions that the country went through from poverty, weakness and permanent conflict, and the dominant at this time became the Ottoman Empire.

Episode 62 of the series, The Resurrection of the Founder Othman

The events intensified in the last episode and became one after the other to become more complex and exciting, as Othman exposed the traitor who was among them in the Kay tribe, who caused him many misfortunes and collisions with enemies, and who was his uncle Dindar, who had always wanted to be the leader of the tribe very much and the degree of his greed in it. Getting rid of his nephew Othman, so that he was cooperating with the enemy to kill Othman and take possession of the sovereignty of the Kay tribe, which the founder Othman inherited from his father.

The Resurrection Osman series, episode 62, with subtitles
The Resurrection Osman series, episode 62, with subtitles

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Fans of the Othman series are waiting for what will happen in the 62nd episode of the series, as it will be filled with many exciting events and the unfounded Othman is expected.

Resurrection Othman series, episode 62

The Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit plays the lead role as he plays the character of the Resurrection of Osman Al Ghazi Episode 62 and embodies in this role many of the values, customs, traditions and principles that existed during this period, and the series is broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel, since it was shown for the first time. It is shown in Cairo time at eight, Osman’s Resurrection and Saudi Arabia time at nine, and Abu Dhabi time at ten in the evening, and it is shown every Wednesday of every week.


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