We are no less in the screen market!


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We are no less than establishing a news channel at the level of “Russia Today”, “France 24”, “Al-Jazeera”, or other large news channels that provide a good media service to its viewers.. I may go a step further and say that we are able to own A satellite channel is stronger than these three channels!.. For those who do not know, inside Maspero there is a news studio that was not present on Al Jazeera itself at the time of its founding years ago.. Nothing is required in the performance of our upcoming satellite news except that it be a neutral performance in dealing with news material, which gives it The credibility it is associated with and based on!.

We may remember now, as we are circulating the news of the new channel, that our audience was missing a news item that deals with the audience professionally and professionally, then with respect for the mind of the viewer who wanders between the channels through a remote control in his hand.!.

Those who read the news of the establishment of a news channel that will appear in the first quarter of next year must have felt a kind of optimism, because the proximity of the time distance from here to there makes us almost see it! Return, lead, and compete in the channel market!.

The Arab world still looks to Cairo and expects from it what it does not expect from any Arab capital, and Cairo’s balance in the conscience of every Arab still gives it an area of ​​influence that is not available to other capitals around it. Her past does not move on the basis of it and she is reassuring if she decides!.

The announcement of the new channel coincided with a new formation on the board of directors of the United Media Services Company, a formation that puts a man from the economy at the head of the company, Hassan Abdullah. He will earn and will make the bank earn with him.. The meaning is that he can make the entity he manages to succeed!.. Next to him is another man, Ashraf Salman, and we knew him as a successful experience in the Ministry of Investment! The company is a success in which the prospective channel will have a share!.

This is a channel that is still an idea, and because it is so, it needs encouragement from us, and before encouragement it needs certainty that we can!.

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