We publish the surprises of the official resignation of the coach of the futsal team


The reasoned resignation submitted by Hisham Saleh, the coach of the Egyptian futsal team, and his departure and his position witnessed shocking surprises and the disclosure of many secrets in 12 items, the most prominent of which was as stated in the text of the resignation: “Not caring for the team during the Arab championship and not congratulating the players and the technical staff with any victory until reaching To the final match and not to visit the team during the tournament, in addition to the visit of the Chairman of the Tripartite Committee, Ahmed Mujahid, to the Moroccan team before the final match in the dressing room to encourage them and not to enter the dressing rooms of the Egyptian team like the competitor, which had a negative psychological impact on the device and the players.

The reasons for the resignation of the coach of the futsal team, which we publish, are the following:

Freezing the national team from December 2020 until 2021.

Cancellation of all friendly matches during this period.

Thank you to the technical and administrative staff, after we were promised not to harm the apparatus, despite our ascension to the World Cup.

Cancellation of the national team’s training program until the World Cup.

– The end of the local league in February .. a very weak league.

Reducing the salaries of the technical staff without any reason.

Formation of the technical, administrative and medical staff in the month of April without a general coach.

Participation in the Arab Championship in May 2021 without consulting the technical director about its date, and it could have been postponed a month for strong preparation and reservation was made.

The first closed camp to prepare for the Arab Championship is on April 23, and the tournament will start on May 20, and this is not enough for the strength of the Arab Championship and the participating teams.

– Before the Arab Championship, a meeting was held with the Chairman of the Tripartite Committee, and I told them that the team could not reach the final because of the preparation.. If this happened, it would become an achievement, but the committee chairman was criticized for the performance, contrary to what was agreed upon.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian futsal team, led by Hisham Saleh, has succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup, to be held in Lithuania next September.




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