What did the “Ethiopian Foreign Ministry” say about the Renaissance Dam crisis?


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Today, Tuesday, the Minister of State for the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Radwan Hussein, affirmed his country’s commitment to work to find peaceful solutions to the border conflict with Sudan.

Hussein said, during his meeting with Kenyan Foreign Minister Richelle Omamo in Addis Ababa, that he briefed the Kenyan official on the current situation in Ethiopia and his country’s position on the border dispute with Khartoum, the file of the Renaissance Dam, the situation in the Tigray region and the Ethiopian elections on June 21.

He added, “Ethiopia is committed to finding peaceful solutions to the border dispute with Sudan and to the tripartite negotiations on the issue.” AlNahda dam The Ethiopian government is with Cairo and Khartoum,” referring to the encouraging humanitarian efforts made by the Ethiopian government in the Tigray region.

The Ethiopian official called on the international community to provide tangible support and refrain from unnecessary politicization of the matter, expressing his appreciation for the ongoing joint investigations between the Human Rights Commission and the United Nations working in the Tigray region.

Last Thursday, Robert Godick, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, warned that his country would take further measures against Ethiopia and Eritrea, against the backdrop of the conflict in the Ethiopian region of Tigray. “Ethiopia and Eritrea should expect more US measures if those fueling the conflict in Tigray fail to change their course,” he said.

US President Joe Biden also called for the withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara forces from the Tigray region. Biden said humanitarian access must be allowed immediately to avoid widespread starvation in the conflict-torn region.

Thousands were killed and nearly two million people were forced from their homes in Tigray after the conflict between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the Ethiopian army erupted in November, and forces from neighboring Amhara province and Eritrea entered the war to support the government.

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